I am one of the Hospital Assistants at Lincoln Village Animal Hospital.

Since a young age I have had a passion for animals. Growing up with about 20 fish, one hamster and just recently getting a dog has proven that even further.

I am currently completing my high school education at Bluevale Collegiate Institute and had the opportunity this past year to participate in a cooperative program which lead me to finding Lincoln Village Animal Hospital. This opportunity allowed me to learn more about the animal industry and to see if that was the career I wanted to pursue. After high school, I hope to have a career that involves animals, as of right now I am leaning towards animal rescue or an animal technician.

After this experience I was offered the position of a Hospital Assistant and I accepted.At the hospital, my duties are to keep the clinic clean and welcoming as well as assisting in anything that needs to be done such as the comforting, playing and feeding animals. My favorite part about LVAH is when I get to play with the animals it allows me to be with the things I like the most, animals are that one thing in life that have an amazing attachment to you, they have the ability to be part of the family and give the greatest amount of love. They each individually have their own personalities and that’s what makes them so amazing.

I have a dog of my own, she is 5 years old and her name is Marley, she is a Bishon Poodle Yorkie Maltese (I think she is part cat too:)). I enjoy long walks along the Grand River, walking her with a stick in her mouth that is twice her size of her and the constant licks she gives.